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2023: Delegates urged not to eat their tomorrow

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One of the Ndokwa Critics, Chucks Ododo has urged sons and daughters of the Ndokwa Nation not to eat their tomorrow as the 2023 general elections approaches.
Ododo in his opinion, noted that the choice of candidates at the forthcoming party primaries, would show how patriotic and interested the Ndokwa nation is interested in the development of the area.
‘He said, ”As the election of new political leaders into office in 2023 draws closure, alot of Ndokwa political delegates are calculating how much they will make as delegates, some are scheming or fighting each just to make the list or appointed.
 ”The choice you make in few weeks from now will show how genuine you are in the empowerment and job creation/opportunities for unemployed graduates.
”You have a choice to put the future of our children and our community on the right track instead of eating today as delegates money.
”Your choice will either impoverished your children or create a better future through the nomination of a political leader with pedigree, capacity and good track record.”
He however lamented that the Ndokwa nation remained among the most under-developed and deprived in Delta state in terms of infrastructural development, project allocation as well as appointment both at the state and federal level.
”In the whole Ndokwa nation there is no government higher institution, 95 per cent of the communities in Ndoshimili/ukwuani do not have electricity.
”Majority of communities cannot go to farm because of the fear of insecurity from herdsmen/kidnappers who has taking over farms are link roads.
”Despite the outcry of the people, no political leaders/ politicians attention has been drown to this challenge, which threatens the peace coexistence in our land.
”Rather politicians are focusing on how to win  delegates while delegates are thinking on how to take palm of fresh from them because it is pay back period.
”It is unfortunate that we have become who “major on minority and minor on majority,” he said.
Ododo said,” often time both in private and public many of us including the so called delegates, expressed their frustrations on how selfish centred,  greedy and corrupt our political leaders has become.
”But we go back after every four years to collect those corrupt money from them as delegates to return to power and continue  stealing while we complain, this is the highest of hypocrisy.
”Majority of the political delegates in Ndoshimili/ukwuani are aware of the politicians who has not performed and will not perform but still close eyes to elect them at party primaries.
”They are part of the problem and reason while we remain deprived because you constantly refused to vote for credible candidates and sold your vote to the highest bidder,” he added.
Ododo therefore noted that Party Ndoshimili/Ukwuani would only develop if you the political delegates make the right choice during the primaries.
”If you are afraid to vote for the right candidate because of the fear that your political leader may remove your name as delegates next time, then you are part of the  corrupt fellow and unpatriotic groups who are more interested in what you can gain from the election instead what will driven development.
”The development of Ndoshimili/ukwuani is very critical, so I am appealing to all party delegates in the two major parties to save us from electing, never performed,  under-performed, unelectable, mediocre, errand men and bench warmers as political leaders.
”You know the antecedents, capacity and motives of all those aspiring for different offices in Ndoshimili/ukwuani, please select the most qualified at your party delegates instead of the highest bidders.
”If you vote for someone who couldn’t advocate for the security of our land, you are automatically voting for them to continue to maintain their personal security against the backdrop.
”If you vote for the wrong candidates, you have mortgage yourself,  family and community in darkness, unemployment,  insecurity, poverty for the nice four years.
Please choice wisely and do not eat the future of your children today,” he stated.

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