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2023: SW And SS should ask themselves a simple wuestion: Are we being fair to the Igbos?- FFK

I have been on a quiet tour of the South East and I can confirm that the place is tense.
Any talk of a Southern Presidency that does not offer the Igbo the right of first refusal for the position is deceitful and unfair.
And if you say no to the Igbos, which clearly both parties have done even if they have not said so publicly, then I say let the Presidency go back to the North. That is why I am supporting a Northern aspirant.
Southeners must learn to be fair to one another before they can expect to be treated fairly by others.
There are two zones in the North that have not produced a democratically-elected President.
The North Central has never done so and the North East produced a Prime Minister 62 years ago who was unable to finish his tenure because he was killed whilst on the throne.
Is it fair to deny them and the Igbo, who have never produced a democratically-elected President either, the right to produce the next president?
Is Nigeria made up of only the North West, South West and South South? Are the others not human beings as well?
The Southerner who has betrayed the South is the one that says that the Igbo must not be allowed to produce the next President and that it must it come to the South West or South South and not the one that supports a Northern candidate.
Charity begins at home but if you insist on not offering it let us go to another region to find and spread it.
Those from the South West and South South should ask themselves a simple question: are we being fair to the Igbo when we say that we and not them should produce a Southern presidential candidate.
Worse of all is the fact that one of those presidential aspirants from the South is toying with the idea of a Muslim/Muslim ticket!
Can there be anything more reckless and dangerous than that?
And neither should anyone from the South West, South South or the North West should be talking about being President or Vice President next year.
The South East, North East and North Central should have right of first refusal for both.
Anything outside of that would be unjust and as they say, there can be no peace where there is no justice.

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Chief Austin Isusu Neme May 18, 2022 at 11:57 am

I have expected the Igbo race, long before now, to embark on advocacy tour of South-West, South-South and the Middle Belt, to seek for their understanding of their need to be left out of the Nigerian Nation. Instead of the their protest in form lockdown, shutdown, killing, maiming, burning of economic and attacking military formation, the ultimate resort to the National Assembly should also be vigorously pursued. This is because leaving the agitation in the hands of rag-tag individuals would amount to replicating the scenario in the North-East, and at the end, the will end up not achieving the desired objectives. The Igbos are better advised to toe the footstep of Sudan which yielded an outcome of Sudan and Southern Sudan.


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