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Abians drum support for APC guber aspirant, in the person of  Chief Ikechi Emenike


It was an emotional and very deep rooted gathering of party faithfuls as the creame de la’ creame of the APC Abia State chapter, converged in the “Castle of Grace” residence of Rt. Honorable Emeka Atuma in Ikwuano LGA in a historic gathering christened the Ntalaku Resolution 2022.

The crowd was indeed agog as individuals hugged and chanted cheerfully at each other, looking forward to a wonderful outing as preparations for 2023 elections heats up.

The people are resolute that they would truly have a good outing come 2023, under the leadership of the party’s authentic flagbearer in the person of Chief Ikechi Emenike.

As we approached the venue, it was obvious that the people were really expectant of the dignitaries they met, as all the 17 Loca l government areas in the state were represented in their numbers.

The crowd also were not left out of the funfair as they met one on one, and face to face with actors and bigwigs of the party, who finally have an opportunity to quell the propaganda and media madness, that had been earlier launched to distract and discourage Abians from recognising the God given opportunity that has been provided to change the present pathetic narrative being witnessed in the running of state affairs by a few to the detriment of a lot.

Speaker after speaker, they made a good case for the adoption of a man described as an honest individual, rather than embracing cunning candidates who are more after showcasing financial strengths rather than the content of their characters.

At the climax of the event was when the former Chairman, Chief Donatus Nwankpa took the stand! He was a true replica of what can be described as maverick.

Extremely independent minded, but focused on the subject matter, which is nothing but the unification of the APC in Abia into one formidable unit, under the keen eyes and protective wings of the High Chief.

Chief Nwankpa reminded the crowd, that once upon a time, High Chief Ikechi Emenike jettisoned his personal ambition, and worked for the greater glory of the APC, agreeing to give peace a chance, with his gaze fixated on a good showing, rather than seeking personal glory.

He averred that the APC would do well enough to align behind High Chief Ikechi Emenike, advising the few who were promoting propaganda of a factional APC in Abia to desist from further misleading the public, and save face in the presence of integrity, insisting that “Abia APC is only one, and anybody telling you that there’s is another faction is wasting his time.

You all can see that I am here with Fabian Nwankwo, and I will give my full support to Dr Kingsley Ononugbo as the authentic chairman of Abia APC”.

After him came the spokesperson of the House of Representatives and the Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Hon. Ben Kalu, who wowed the crowd with his exceptional lyrical delivery of facts above fictions, promising to unleash a positively detailed dossier of the Governorship flagbearer High Chief Ikechi Emenike.

“I have only met High Chief eight times, but in my first opportunity of meeting him, I knew there was something special about him.

”I know him very well, he is extremely marketable, and at the right time, I will tell Abians and the world over, whom this man truly is,” he said.

As the crowd thought they had heard it all, then came the introduction of the Abias ‘Amazon’ and House of Representatives member representing the good people of Isuikwuato Umunneochi Federal Constituency at the Green Chambers, the current Deputy Chief Whip of the Federal House of Representatives, Mrs Nkeiruka Onyejiocha (PhD), sending the women at the arena into a frenzy as they went hysterical, with renditions of many tunes to welcome her to the floor of uncommon Abians.

Handling the mic, she wasted no time in introducing a particular gospel praise, and encouraged the crowd to sing along, which everyone did.

After which she went straight to the point, and likened the personality of herself to that of High Chief Ikechi Emenike, revealing that on many occasions, many had viewed her to be a totally different character from who she is, and being portrayed to a few misinformed public as a negative individual whereas such peddlers and propagandists were simply trying to achieve a politically driven, mischievous misrepresentation of her true self.

She reiterated that truly, “High Chief is a very brilliant, sellable candidate, and as APC members, we  must ensure we achieve this very feature, and enjoy the numerous benefits that would accompany such victorious events”.

The Deputy Chief Whip also made an observation that orderliness should be the watchword of the party, as the APC has a lot to do in changing the unfortunate circumstances that has bedeviled the state, insisting that victory must be certain come 2023, and that every member of the party should join hands, and ensure the emergence of High Chief Ikechi Emenike as the winner of the upcoming general elections.

At this point, the venue was fully lit up with energy and focus, women were cheering, men bantering, all was as if to say there was never a time they ever had misunderstood themselves.

While the weather which had threatened show off with a downpour changed its mood and stayed sunny, it was obvious that even the gods of the land were in tandem with the unification agenda of the people.

Then came the announcement of a former minister of Labour and productivity, a fine gentlemen whose humour can be equalled to none, a man who was visibly excited to have seen the coming to reality of that very gathering at the  Castle of Grace.

His name is none other than Chief Emeka Nwogu. Without wasting much time, he delved straight to the issues on ground, reminding the people that there was a need to be smart and play by the rules in a free and fair manner.

“In the APC of today. There is no Victor, no vanquished. Whatever should be of interest to everyone here, should be the interest of the party, and we must all know that party is supreme.

As a people from the South East, we might have lost the opportunity for the APC Presidency, but we have not lost all, as we still have an opportunityto do the right thing come 2023”

Aba people are all with High Chief Ikechi Emenike, he continued, and at the highest tempo, he put it up for the meeting to have an identity.

This should be seen as a “Unity Meeting” and christened the Ntalaku Resolution 2022, to signify the end of the lies of a few against the majority of the party.

At this stage, it was obvious that what seemed to be a tensed meeting, ended up being turned into a progressively determined gathering of statesmen and women of quality and character, and when you thought the beats were drowning under the advancement of the day, the crowd once again, were reenergized by the introduction of the host of the day.

A man whose benevolence cannot be equalled to anything less than a good man. A grassroots mobilizer and former Federal House member representing  Ikwuano/Umuahia north/south constituency in the house of representatives from 2003 to 2007, and presently the APC candidate for the senatorial contest come 2023.

He wasted no time as he also followed the path of the Deputy Chief Whip as he delivered a touching rendition of brotherhood and political fraternity.

Insisting on all to touch one another, invoking their individual convictions of acceptance of peace above hatred and disunity. Walking round the venue, he welcomed guests as they sang along and hugged and shool hands, and when he was done, he wasted no time in getting into the main course of the day.

“Many of you know that we have had several meetings in this very venue, and I must say that the Castle of Grace isn’t just a house, but a home where everything that is discussed gets the nod of all. A place where every agreement reached is respected and moved by Grace.

Today, we are here to recognize nothing but the authentic line up of our leadership structure as far as APC Abia state chapter is concerned.

Once a parliamentarian always a parliamentarian, and as such I belive we were part of those who paved the way for the vibrancy that is being witnessed today in Nigeria, that vibrancy is what we intend to bring homewards to Abia, and we will all queue up behind the man that has brought all these leaders into one compound. We will all queue behind High Chief Ikechi Emenike.”

Continuing, he recognised the presence of high ranking members of the 9th Assembly who were present in the persons of Hon. Onyejiocha and Hon. Kalu amongst many others, and charged the people to remain upbeat, promising that 2023 will usher in a new Nigeria, under the leadership of a fresh set of men and women under the leadership of the APC at all strata of government.

At this point, it was obvious that the party had scored high in it’s outing, which could be mistaken as the kickoff for political campaigns of the 2023 Abia Guber race.

The host, Chief Emeka Atuma, still clinching the mic in hand, took his time, to announce the introduction of the man of the moment, the man that had been described by all to be ‘The One’.

Ladies and gentlemen, at this point, I was not sure what I would hear, nor how I’d feel, but it was obvious that there was something different about this very man.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike is indeed a man I would love to describe with just few words.

Quintessential: Quintessential can be said to mean “representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.”

Supreme: Highest in rank or authority.

These two words aren’t enough for me to describe this fellow of inestimable value and cheerfully calm demeanor. He is called the ‘gentle giant’, and described as a politician with topnotch aristocratic behavioural qualities.

The biggest masquerade, yet the most accessible, and the most calm in nature. Of course when he took the stand, there was no going back that truly, this is the man who is already changing the situation for the best.

“Seek ye the truth and it shall set you free”

High Chief Ikechi Emenike.

The speech of the High Chief was nothing short of princely, and charm all over.

“I started a company 37’yrs ago with only 5 people, we are still partners and friends till date, 37’yrs later”…

Sensing the need to address a few behavioural assets that might seem like weakness to the feeble minded, he continued, “I attended the Methodist College of Uzuakoli, and there, we were thought how to let go of malice”.

In his usual charm and humility, he averred that “Emenike has not won yet, we are still in the trenches to liberate Abia. We are going to set up a reconciliation committee.

Those who know me very well, know that my word is my bond, and the promise I pledge today is that no member will be left behind”.

At this point, the crowd couldn’t contain themselves as they cheered and sang in unison, halting the soft spoken High Chief from mesmerising them.

They called for the immediate closure of multiple offices and secretariats scattered all over the state capital, insisting that the flagbearer, remains the only man who would announce an official secretariat where the campaigns would carry out their duties from.

While the crowd still rented the air with cheers and joyful songs, High Chief Ikechi Emenike’s voice cut in yet again, as he reiterated that his administration would not only engage in infrastructures, but will go beyond infrastructures, and create a well balanced setting, where infrastructures would meet artisans and qualified professionals, who would.ensure the sustenance of infrastructures that would be established.

Dr. Kingsley Ononugbo, the Abia State APC Chairman had very few but powerful words for his people as he pledged to work in unison with his predecessors to achieve a set goal, victory.

The apex of the affair was when High Chief reeled out names of members of the reconciliation committee, to be headed by Senator Chris Adigije as chairman of the committee, while Hon. Nkeiruka Onyejiocha would hold sway as the secretary of the committee. With members to include but not limited to
Engr. Chris Okpechi,
Chief Fabian Nwankwo,
Hon. Ben Godson,
Hon. Ikenna Lewechi
Chief Donatus Nwankpa (fmr. Abia APC Chairman)
Chief Emeka Nwogu (Former Minister)
Hon. Ben Kalu (Spokedman of the House of Representatives).
High Chief Barr. F N Nwosu (Representative of the APC National Chairman His Excellency Alh. Abdullahi Adamu)
Chief Dr. Kingsley Ononugbo (Abia APC Chairman)

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