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Meet one of the bravest, strongest man in the history of Nigeria

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This man, Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was one of the bravest and strongest Nigerian that ever lived. No wonder many people always compare him with Adolf Hitler.

You can only compare Tiger with Lion and not Dog with Lion. The difference why Ojukwu appeared stronger and braver than Hitler was that Hitler had a long standing army that had fought many wars, but Ojukwu had none.

The German had wanted to escape, but had no means to do that. But Ojukwu despite heavy blockade on air, land and water amid heavy bombardments and starvation, was able to escaped to Ivory Coast after many world leaders had appealed to him to leave.

Even Gaddafi of Libya and Gbagbo of Ivory Coast with their standing armies were defeated within months. The Gbagbo was capture and Gaddafi was killed.

But read what made Ojukwo the Bravest and Strongest Nigerian.

  1. The only man that stopped the entire region from remitting its revenue to the Federal Government
  2. The man who ordered all Northern Military Officers to leave his (Eastern} Region within 24 hours and it was done.
  3. The only Nigerian who stopped the use of Nigeria currency in his region.
  4. The only Nigerian who ordered that a Federal Aircraft be seized and it was done while he still remained in the same country.
  5. The only man who declared himself Head of State inside in the same country that had ruling Head of State thereby having two Heads of states, unlike Abiola who tried it and was picked up like a rate same day.

6.The only man who released a notable political prisoner {Awolowo} without approval.

  1. The only man they sang National Anthem and raised up flag in a country that a ruling Head of State.
  2. The only man that attended Organisation of African Union (O.A.U) meetings as a Head of State- sitting side by side with another Head of State in the same Nigeria.
  3. The only Nigerian who countered the Head of State orders and his orders were carried out.
  4. The only man who raised his own National Army and Police within few days that withstood Federal might and world powers like Russia, Britain amid heavy bombardments.
  5. The only man who detained and seized weapons of troops sent by the Head of State to arrest him and still still remain that country.
  6. The only man who pursed thousands of Federal troops from his region until some World powers like Russia, Britain and other charlatan countries like Egypt etc came to their rescue.

We are not talking about Brigadier Tunde Idiagbo who mere returned home after he was overthrow. He neither plotted any coup nor committed any crime, and so had nothing to fear.

We are also not talking about Oladipo Diya and Obasanjo who cried and denied of plotting any coups and later came in 2000 to say he never regretted plotting coup against Abacha.

We are talking about the man, Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the bravest and strongest Nigerian that ever lived. No wonder many people always compare him with Adolf Hitler.

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