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Ndokwa First Summit 2022 to address age-old marginalisation

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Ndokwa is, today, the most politically abused and marginalised ethnic group in Delta State.

The massive lack of infrastructure in Ndokwaland has translated into lack of industries and employment opportunities. Ndokwaland is a goose that lays the golden eggs, yet we are constantly given a slap in the face in the decision making process of the state.

Only recently, three new Universities were created in the state, yet Ndokwa was not considered to host any of them. A bigger slap in the face was the non-consideration of any Ndokwa sons and daughters as the heads (Vice Chancellors and Registrars) of those institutions.

The three current local government areas of Ndokwa East and West, and Ukwauni formed the old Aboh division. Similar divisions of that time have metamorphosed today into six to seven local government areas.

This very apparent lagging behind has set many of us talking and thinking. This is what has given rise to the idea of a summit of this type The Ndokwa Summit.

Conceived as a brain child of Committee for Growth and Development in Ndokwa land, we are to examine where we were, where we are, and develop a road map to where we should be going. We are going to focus on issues dealing with our identity, politics, economy, culture etc. To this end, twelve areas of discussion have been picked for study .

Some of our best brains have committed to leading us in the process. We are hoping that the end result will achieve a new consciousness, and a paradigm shift in Ndokwaland.

Although the brain child of the Committee for Growth and Development, the SUMMIT has the blessing and support of the NNU, who will be responsible for implementing the resolutions passed.

For the purposes of a coordinated arrangement towards hosting a summit of the magnitude envisaged, a select Ndokwa persons, will, in the meantime, serve as the backroom team coordinators.

They are the Coordinator-In-Chief, Pharm.  Ambrose Abanum, Ndokwa Neku Union, NNU (2nd VP), Dr Innocent Enubuje. coordinator and Prof. Mrs Julie Umukoro (NNU Woman Leader) is also a coordinator.

Other coordinators are Mr Okei Okusogu,  Mr Gideon Ishiekwene and Mr Ossai Udom, with Dr (Mrs) Mabel Magbulu Monina (Finance Mobilisation). More names are expected to be added to the backroom team as the team progresses.

The General Assembly of Ndokwa people, to be hosted by NNU President General, Gen. Mike Ndubuisi (Rted.) will be the anchor point of the summit, as details and template of the Ndokwa First Summit will follow this write up.

It must be emphasised that this Summit is owned by the entire Ndokwa indigenes, and everybody is encouraged to participate in respect to the themes/topics in which they feel well grounded . This can come in the form of direct membership of any of the Thematic committees, or by forwarding well researched papers to the relevant committees.

In an address to all stakeholder by the coordinator in chief, Pharm. Ambrose Abanum, Coordinate Ndokwa First Summit 2022 , it states,  “Dear compatriots it is with joy that I accept the responsibility trusted on me as Coordinator in Chief for the Ndokwa First Summit.

“For me it’s a responsibility which I accept in humility as a tribute to my late brother and friend Dr Mike Akpati. Mike was very passionate about peace and prosperity for all Ndokwa land. And I dare say he died with this agenda on his mind.

“There are 12 thematic discussion topics to be led by a chair person. In a very special way I welcome all the leaders who will champion our discussions at the thematic committees. However it is very important that I put some issues as it concerns this Summit in the right perspective.

”First, it is necessary that we appreciate it from the word go that this project is an all-inclusive one, as far as you are from the three LGAs that make up Ndokwa land today, again, be informed that the Summit commenced officially on 13 December 2021.

” All matters as contained in the topics require your inputs by way of memorandum, notes or any conventional way to the team. In effect whatever anyone feel could advance our course should be put in writing or recorded and forwarded to the appropriate Topic Team.

”All matters collated as listed under each of the 12 topics will be thoroughly dealt with at each sub-committee level. Their outcomes will be presented at the three days Summit in April 2022 for ratification and adoption.

”Given the new normal approach to conferences and meetings we are going to be treating all the different themes simultaneously. Please do well to acquaint ourselves with the program with respect to the terms of references and timing.

”The level of debate, dialogue and concensus agreement would have to be done with at the Topic committee level . So let Us purge our minds of the anxiety that the NNU convoked AGM cum 3 days Summit will be rancorous.

”No, it will only be a clearing House and a place of affirmation. Therefore I crave your indulgence for us all to be doubly committed to ensuring that Ndokwaland have a five years road map that will serve as our charter defining us as a Sovereignty in a geographical space called Nigeria

”As the need arises you will be hearing from me. You are also at liberty to contact me if you so desire to have discussions with me. Finally I take this opportunity to send you all my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”

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