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Reasons why I support the Atiku-Okowa ticket – Reno Omokri


Our party has finally picked an able Vice Presidential candidate in Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. As it stands, we now have the most  balanced ticket in Nigeria. It is Muslim-Christian ticket.

It is a strong Northern-Southern ticket. We are for secularism, where religion is separate from government. We have a VP with one leg in the Southeast and the other in the South-South. Nigerians, we are ready, and we humbly beg for your votes.

So, why should  you vote for Atiku as President on February 25, 2023? I will give you 10 reasons.

1.  Support Atiku because he creates jobs. He co-founded INTELS, one of the largest oil and gas/ports logistics firms in Africa, in the 80s. His Priam group employs more people than most state governments. Creating jobs for Nigeria’s youth will end insecurity!

2. Support Atiku because he is a lover of education, who established the American University of Nigeria, Yola. Through that institution, he gave scholarships to indigent students, including #ChibokGirls. What that proves is that he loves education and would fund ASUU and ASUP!

3. Support Atiku because he personifies the brand of politics Nigeria has yearned for since Independence from Great Britain, which can be summarised as secular, free market based, and private sector led. He believes in meritocracy and wants to restructure Nigeria, bringing true federalism

4. Atiku is healthy. He plays football. He works out at the gym. He is social and cosmopolitan. He develops his mind and just finished a Master’s programme from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, The United Kingdom’. His age and health are not suspicious. He is ready to govern!

5. For Nigerian workers, you need to know that not only does Atiku employ more people than most state governments, he also plays them above minimum wage. If he pays his private workers minimum wage, he will look after you and pay minimum wage if you elect him!

6. Atiku has good experience. He served Nigeria for 20 years in the Nigerian Customs Service. Upon retirement, he went into private business and flourished. He fought Abacha and was exiled to London. He returned to Nigeria while Abacha was alive to fight for democracy on the home front. He became a democratically elected Vice President. He is tailor made to be President!

7. Support Atiku because he led the Economic Management Team that paid off Nigeria’s debt, and privatised the telecom sector, and cement industry, that exploded our GDP and created jobs. He did it before and he can do it even better again now Nigeria is broke.

8. Vote for Atiku because he brought in effective technocrats into government and led the Obasanjo administration’s efforts to restore peace, and reestablish law and order during the Sharia crisis of 2000. Nigeria needs technocrats and peace. Atiku is your man for the job

9. Choose Atiku because while he was Vice President, Nigeria paid off her foreign debts. Today, Nigeria is a heavily indebted nation, owing ₦46 trillion. We even borrow to pay salaries. We need someone like Atiku, who can create wealth to repay those loans.

10. Finally, Nigeria is a multi ethnic/religious nation. We need someone that understands the complex nature of our diversity and knows how to manage it. That person is Atiku, a Northerner who spent all his professional life in Southern Nigeria and married a Southerner.

My name is Reno Omokri, and I support the Atiku-Okowa ticket, because I know from personal experience that they will provide Jobs, create Opportunities, and Secure Nigeria.


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