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Six weeks in a revolutionary dream

Basil Okoh

In six weeks of the Peter Obi phenomenon, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has registered 15.4 million new voters across Nigeria.

This is far more than INEC has registered in any single year since 2002. This represents 18.5 per cent of total INEC registration since 1999. 15 million voters added to the national electoral register in six weeks.

This is the Peter Obi revolution. Prospectively, the biggest electoral revolution in Africa since the election of Nelson Mandela in South Africa 1994.

The revolution is only gathering momentum and bigger voter registration numbers are expected before the 2023 election. The youth are banging in their millions on the doors of every registration centre across the land. It won’t stop here.

Naysayers and the traditional politicians are frightened and doing their best to talk down the revolution or punch holes in it’s bubbling momentum. They are the new anti revolutionary forces. The forces of reaction which must be confronted and defeated.

Traditional Northern politicians frightened by the prospect of youth uprising particularly, are doing their best to label it a Southern phenomenon and thereby kill it.

This is not a Southern and Middle Belt phenomenon and the energy and newfound dynamism will overwhelm Nigeria and change it.

The youth of Nigeria want to remake Nigeria in their own image, a modern state ruled by work and not patronage. You cannot kill an idea whose time has come.

The world will bear witness to a tectonic electoral shift in Nigeria in 2023. It’s either Peter Obi or Nigeria goes to the dogs after the 2023 election.

Whatever happens, Nigeria will not remain the same after the 2023 elections. All of this awakening and revolutionary fervour will not be for nothing.

The Nigerian revolution will be a spearhead of an electoral tsunami’s that will transfer political power to the youth across Africa beginning in 2023.

Basil Okoh, a concerned citizen

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